New Lochac Membership Services website announced

Steve Baker, Chair, SCA Ltd, reports that a replacement Membership Services website for the Kingdom of Lochac has been launched.

Steve Baker writes:


SCA Ltd (Australia) members have been directly advised via email that a replacement Membership Services website was launched early in March.

This change is the result of much planning and a great deal of work by Lord Nicodemus, assisted by others including Tiffany Brown (Mistress Teffania) on the behalf of the Board, Master Bartholomew who designed the current Registry software, the Lochac Seneschal Mistress Catherine, the SCA NZ web server administrator and Masonry member Master William de Cameron, and our tireless Registrar, Michelle McDonald (Mistress Caelia).

The new site closely resembles its predecessor but is completely different behind the scenes. It has some new and improved features such as the ability to print temporary cards when you take out a membership or renewal, easier multiple renewals (e.g. for families) and the ability to change your password to one of your own choice. If you choose to do the latter, PLEASE exercise good password security -- for example: do not re-use the same password on lots of different websites.

In general, it looks and works just like the website you already know -- you can access it via the usual address (click below) and log in with your usual information.

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, by all means raise them on the Shambles if they are general in nature, or contact the Registrar if they are sensitive, e.g. relating to your personal membership record.

Note: This announcement relates to SCA Ltd (Australian) members only - there has been no change to the SCA NZ Registry website, but separate announcements may follow in due course about that.

Steve Baker
Chair, SCA Ltd