New Chirurgeon Emeritus in Ansteorra

In an audience with TRM of Ansteorra, at the Kingdom's twenty-fifth birthday party, Countess Allyson Tymmes, former Kingdom Chirurgeon (she was also queen during the same time period), accepted the honor of Chirurgeon Emeritus. She is only the second in the kingdom.

It was under her time as Kingdom Chirurgeon that Ansteorra's Chirurgeonate stated to grow and develop into the large (60+ active Chirurgeons) and well-organized guild that it is today. Today it is not uncommon for a dozen or more Chirurgeons to attend a single event within the kingdom. Allyson's leadership as Kingdom Chirurgeon and Queen in many areas, including training and recruiting, allowed the Ansteorran Chirurgeonate to flourish.

In the same small, private ceremony, Their Majesties required Ansteorra's Kingdom Chirurgeon, Herr Arkell vom Cophus, to kneel before them. The Society Emergency Replacement Deputy Chirurgeon, THL Caelin on Andrede, came forward then and called the small group of Master Chirurgeons into the circle. He then required Arkell to recite the Entire Chirurgeon's Oath — both pages of it — and with the blessing of Their Majesties, made Arkell a Master Chirurgeon at long last. This was big surprise and a little unusual, as normally the KC is the one who polls and counts the votes of the Master Chirurgeons of the kingdom on who should become a master chirurgeon. As Arkell was the Kingdom Chirurgeon, the poll and vote was done by THL Caelin on Andrede and then approved by the Society Chirurgeon General, Dame Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur.

Ever in Service,
Mona Gerita del Mare, Master Chirurgeon
Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon — Training
Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra