[ATE] Great Helm

Greetings to all! It is time once again to gather in The Gem of Atenveldt, Tir Ysgithr, for Great Helm! Join us to see who our new Baronial guard will be!
Saturday will be the Great Helm Tournament and Youth Champion Tournament. Sunday will be the guardsmen tournament and rapier captain tournament.

The site will open at 9am both days with court starting at 10:30 am.

Saturday we will have a grilled chicken lunch prepared by Mistress Thyri covered by site cost, we will also have a potluck for sides so please bring a dish to share!

There will also be a silent auction to benefit BTY's archery community to cover the cost of items lost from a break in to their trailer. We will also have an artisans display so please bring out your amazing crafts to share!

Sunday we will be holding the Bard of the Boar competition! Be prepared to sing or tell a story for Their Excellencies! Sign up after opening court Sunday. The competition will be held throughout the day under the Pyg. Come and let your voice be heard!

Himmel Park is located at 1035 N. Treat Avenue, Tucson, AZ. Parking is available in the parking lots and on the curbside.

Site fee for the weekend is $5.00 for members and the non-members fee is an additional $5.00. Children are $1.00 Site is discreetly wet, no glass bottles.