[EAS] XXVI Baltanes

Good gentles from Tir-Mara, The East-Kingdom, the known world and beyond, Every of you are invited to celebrate the 26th Baltanes in our Barony of the Havre des Glaces.

At this occasion, come and attend to the archery championship of Tir-Mara.  Worthy archers from our cold but friendly Principality, prepare your best bow, your most efficient arrows, your most beautiful quiver and show your ability and prowess in the manipulation of this noble weapon.  Maybe you will deserve to reach the great honor to become the Prince's Champion.

At the same time, enjoy your journey in Bacchus Island with us.  Arts & Sciences classes, heavy armored fighting, fencing, archery, children activities and the baronial court will give rhythms to the day, while the night will be illuminated by camp fires and filled with the echoes of songs.

Site Opens: 5pm
Site Closes: 1pm
Event Location    
Pointe d'Argentenay, Île d'Orléans
334 Rue d'Argentenay
Saint-François, QC  G0A 3S0

Follow this link to know the directions:  http://goo.gl/maps/1OKea
Event Fees    
Site : Pre-registrations (PAYMENT received BEFORE the 25th of May):
Adults (15 years old and more) :  22$ (+5$ for non-members)
After the 25th of May and at the gate:  27$ Member (+5$ non member)

At all times:
Youths (6 to 14 years old) :  10$
Kids (Less than 6 year old) :  free

Make Checks Payable to: SCA- Havre des Glaces
Contact Information    
Event Steward:
Jean-Oste and Blanche de Murat
Email:  Jean.Oste@gmail.com

Send Reservations to:
Jean-Oste de Murat

Payment is not available online