Meridies grad student seeks living history info

Lady Cicilia Violi, a graduate student from the Savannah College of Art and Design, is seeking information from re-enactors who work and play in the living history world.

Lady Cicilia writes:

My Name is Sara a.k.a. Lady Cicilia Violi and I am a graduate student at the Savannah College of Art and Design studying Historic Preservation.  I am currently writing my thesis on the preservation of intangible heritage, or (in non-preservationy language) using living history to teach historical skills and traditions.

If you could, please answer and post the following questions on either the group message board or send to  The information collected will help create a thesis that can benefit the living history field as well as create a dialogue with historic preservation.

All entries are very welcome, the more information the better.
Thank you for taking the time to help me out!

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. How long have you been doing living history?
  4. What time period(s) have you been involved in?
  5. Are you associated with any museums or historic sites? If so, what is it and where?
  6. What caused you to be interested in living history?
  7. Do you use skills or traditions in your demonstrations that you did before being involved in living history?
  8. What skills and/or traditions have you learned since you have become involved in living history?  
  9. How did you go about learning that skill or tradition and who taught it to you?
  10. Do you use these skills or traditions outside of living history, in everyday life?
  11. Have you taught any skills or traditions to others and who are they? (others in living history, members of the public, etc..)
  12. In what way do you conduct those lessons? (regularly scheduled classes, special events, etc.. )
  13. What has been the trend (if observed) of public interest, number of living historians, people wanting to learn historical skills or traditions?

Publisher's note: The "group message board" to which this message refers is NOT the comments on, but rather the original board where the message was first posted. While it's not against our rules to post your replies here, Lady Cicilia is more likely to see your reply if you send it to her directly.

1. Bill Aka. Lord Uilliam

1. Bill Aka. Lord Uilliam macMaoli'an

2. Loveland, Co.

3. 1997 to present

4.1064 - 1113, late 11th early 12th Century.


6. Family ties and my Wife, also interest in history.

7. Yes

8. Bow making, black smithing, how to wear a Kilt.

9.others who have done these things have showed me.

10. I do with archery. Leather work.

11. Yes archery to Boy Scouts also leather work

12Special Events

13. Well it has been an eb and flow. There are times when people are interested but other times when fewer people perticapat.




Sorry for the ambiguous text

Lord Uilliam,

I'm sorry that the mention of group message board was ambiguous in the article. Until we saw your reply here, we didn't notice that the phrase had a double meaning in this context. I'll contact Lady Cicilia to let her know your post is here, so she can visit and retrieve the data, and I've added a clarification at the bottom of the article.

Again, sorry for the unclarity.