[LOC] Bloth 2013

The Bloth was the Shire of Ildhafn's midwinter feast for 10 years, before the two shires (Ildhafn and Cluain) joined to form the Barony of Ildhafn. Now, it is also our Baronial Anniversary event. Every year, we gather together to enjoy a feast, raise a toast, and celebrate with friends.

Our midwinter feast this year is being held as a weekend camping event, to better celebrate the occasion of 10 years as a Barony. There will be singing, dancing, games, feasting (of course!) and tournaments to mark this occasion.

Where and When
Friday June 21st - Sunday June 23rd, at Hunua Falls (east of Papakura, south of Auckland).

Starting from 5:30pm on Friday evening, all are welcome at Hunua Falls campsite, with dinner being available from 6:30pm (but continuing throughout the evening for those arriving later).

The event ends after Sunday lunch, so everyone's assistance in packing up will be appreciated as we have to be off-site by 3pm.

Activities and Schedule

Saturday morning will feature a Tournament of Roses for those who practice armoured combat, with a Ball in the afternoon so that all can mingle, and enjoy dances of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Saturday evening, from 6:30pm sees us relaxing in the great hall, with a sumptuous feast provided by Lady Caterine de Vantier.

On Sunday morning, the fencers of the Barony will take to the field, to demonstrate their prowess and courtesy.


Adult, whole event     $95  Bookings required
Adult, Saturday + Sunday (excl Saturday breakfast) $75
Adult, Saturday + Feast (not staying for Sunday)     $55
Adult, day-tripping only, no meals     $20     Booking preferred
+ event membership if 18 and over     + $2 for any adult not already a subscribing member     
Children (under 12)           
Under 5, any attendance     Free     Booking preferred
5-11, whole event  $70     Bookings required
5-11, Saturday + Sunday (excl Saturday breakfast)  $55
5-11, Saturday + Feast (not staying for Sunday)  $35
Day-tripping, no meals, 5yrs and over     $20     Booking preferred

We regret the higher than usual prices for children and day visitors, but are simply passing on what the site charges us - we have endeavoured to keep these prices as low as reasonably possible.

For other options (such as providing your own food), please email the steward - bloth@ildhafn.lochac.sca.org

Once you've filled in the booking form, the steward will be in touch to confirm pricing.

Accomodation and booking information

Please fill out one booking form per person attending the event, including children.
Payments can be made to the Ildhafn Kiwibank account - please put your name and "Bloth" in as references, so we know who has paid.
This information is also included in the booking confirmation email you will receive.

Account number: 38-9012-0095212-00

Bunking or Tenting

Northside campsite at Canterbury FaireYou're welcome to tent on site, although the weather may or may not be kind to us in late June. Please indicate your intentions on the booking form, so that we can plan the bunkroom space accordingly.

There are plenty of bunkrooms on site, all with good sized beds and sleeping between 4 and 6 people per room. All rooms have power and heaters.

Why book early?

It's a nice thing to do for the steward, if you can: it's much easier to plan when you know how many people are coming and what they want to do.
If you've booked by the time we finalise the schedule (late May) we'll be able to take your requests into account.
Adult prices increase by $10 4 weeks before the event.

Event Staff

    Steward - William de Cameron
    Deputy Steward- Anna de Wilde
    Entertainment & Theatricals - Katherina Weyssin
    Feast cook - Caterine de Vantier
    Other Cooks
        Friday dinner (volunteer needed)
        2 breakfasts (volunteers needed)
        2 lunches (volunteers needed)
    Herald - (volunteer needed)
    Rapier Marshal - Ludwig von Regensburg
    Armoured Combat Marshal - (volunteer needed)