[GLE] Beltaine - It Could Be A Prince!

Come join us for a weekend of fun, fighting and food in Grey Niche!

Beltaine - It Could Be A Prince!
26-28 April 2013
Shelby-Meeman State Park, Piersol Group Camp

Costs for this event are as follows:

Adult Weekend - $22
Child Weekend - $12

Adult Daytrip - $17
Child Daytrip - $10

Early Bird Discount - $3 (only if received by 1 April 2013)
Off Board Discount - $5

Please let us know if you have a preference for cabin-mates. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled, but we will try!

Site opens at 5 p.m. Friday. Cash only at the door, and as per Kingdom law, no family shall pay a site price higher than three adult members, if all are members. This is a dry site, and no tenting is available.

Please make your check/send your reservation to:

SCA of Tennessee INC, Barony of Grey Niche
PO Box 11184
Memphis TN

I may be contacted for reservations at all hours via email.

I look forward to seeing everyone join in the celebrations!

In Service,

Madame Kateline de Valery
gallagher.katharine [AT] gmail.com