Eat like it's the 12th century!

Michelin-starred chef Martin Blunos believes that modern diets should follow medieval culinary practices — including understanding the theories behind the four humours.

English chef Martin Blunos has studied the dietary habits of medieval people and believes that they were not what history has portrayed, but were balanced and filled with fresh food.

This article is interesting,

This article is interesting, in that it goes right along with many nutritional studies and theories about eating unprocessed foods. In the last year my family has done a lot of research and as a result we've improved our diets considerably. Most of these improvements go along with using the right kinds of flour for breads, eating more unprocessed foods like nuts and grains, and eating fresher organic produce that hasn't been sitting in cold storage for months on end. Some of our meals have gotten quite elaborate, and it's fun too. :)