[MER] Shadow of the Wolf V

Join the Shire of Redewolfden for our annual event, Shadow of the Wolf! March 29 at 5:00pm until March 31 at 12:00pm in CDT

We'll be holding our annual dogball tournament, as is tradition. Bring a team of fighters and compete for glory and honor! A special prize will be awarded to the team with best field presence. Teams are encouraged to develop a team device (heraldric correctness not required).

Other activities include a rapier tournament, live weapons range, coursing, several A&S classes (schedule pending), a brewing competition, bardic competition (hosted by Lady Julianna of Glaedenfeld), and more!

There will be a $5 fundraiser lunch, hosted by the folks from Crimson River! Proceeds will be going toward the Cumberland Centre's floor fund.

Traveler's fare will be provided for those sojourners arriving Friday evening, and a free continental breakfast will be available in the morning. Feast will be in the evening, and will have a cap of 80 people.

There will also be egg painting for the younglings, followed by an egg hunt!

We will be holding a Friends of Redewolf silent auction, the proceeds from which will go toward aiding fellow SCAdians who have hit rough times. Please message Josh Clark (Gunnolf Eriksson) if you have recommendations.

We welcome any merchants wishing to set up! There is no merchanting fee. Please contact:
Lady Bera Saebjornsdottir

Entrance fee:
$17 weekend, $10 daytrip
Children: $6
Non-member surcharge $5
Feast: $8

*As per Kingdom law: No family shall pay a site fee higher than 3 adult member prices for admission to an event as long as the children are 15 years of age or younger and they are all members.

Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc. Shire of Redewolfden

Event Steward and Reservations:
Gunnolf Eriksson

The Cumberland Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
3407 Gillespie Lane,
Columbia Tennessee 38401

Take I-65 to Exit 37, then Hwy.50 South/East. After 100 yards turn left onto Joe Reeves Rd. Take the next left onto Luke Moser Rd. Go to Gillespie Road and turn right. The Centre is on the left after the stream.

Take I-65 to Exit 37, then Hwy.50 South/East to U.S.431. Turn left (North) onto 431. At the Old Berlin store turn left. The Centre is on the right.