Authentic yurt for sale on eBay

Looking for alternative housing? A truly authentic yurt - or yurta - is available to purchase on eBay for a mere US$39,900.00. The yurt is constructed of felt and birch and weighs about 350 kg (770 lbs), but good news: shipping is free.

The description of the yurt includes photos of its construction as well as a video on Kyrgyzstan, it's country of origin.

From the description:

The inside decoration of yurta meets all national canons. The right side of yurta was called “epchi jak”- woman’s part. The left part -“er jak”- man’s part, where were kept house articles of handicraft and hunting. Also it was the place where master worked-“usta”. In front of the entry was “toor”- place for guests, where “djuk” was taken to. It was obvious according to the apportions: “tekche” was hanging from the right side “djuka”, in which woman’s hat-“elechek” was kept. “Ala bakan” was put from the left side “djuka” - pole, decorated by silver and precious stones on which were hanging the rich coat from fur of fox, marten, from brocade and velvet. “Kolomto” is the saint place of hearth, located next to the exit.