Rowany Festival move considered

Jan Janssen van den Zype geheeten van den Goere reports that a discussion regarding relocation of the 2014 Rowany Festival to a new site is available online, both in written and audio format.

Jan writes:

Yesterday an Extra-Ordinary Rowany Senate Meeting was conducted to specifically discuss the potential of moving Rowany Festival to a new site from 2014.

For those in the populace who may have been interested in this discussion, but were unable to attend, audio of the meeting was recorded. Having taken about 2 hours, there is quite a lot to listen to, and we understand this format is much less interactive than "being there"! ...yet, it does present the opportunity to find out just what was discussed, if we can pique your interest?

There is a page on the Festival Site outlining the whole process, which has been now been updated. This continues to reflect which step we are up to as the process continues AND now has the link to the recording of the meeting if you wish to listen.

For more information, please visit the website below.

Your in Service,