[WES] White Shield, 2013

Lords and Ladies, you are invited to join the Barony of Darkwood at the 2013 White Shield Tournament, March 16, 2013.

Marshal Arts:
White Shield is the only event in the Kingdom where sitting royalty may fight.
There will be FIGHTING! Heavy fighters and Rapier fighters will be squaring off for a white shield blank and for Darkwood Champion.
We will have ARCHERY! Arrows will rain down in Darkwood!
The first THROWN WEAPONS demo in the MISTS will be held in Darkwood at White Shield!

Arts & Sciences:
Artists and Scientists are encouraged to bring objects for adoration, in our Arts and Sciences display- the theme is All things Da Vinci!

There will be a silent auction, where treasures will be available for your perusal and bid – this means (bidding) WAR!
(Benefitting the Barony of Darkwood)

Youth Activities:
The Baronial Youth Champion's Tourney. This is open to Darkwood youth 16 and under.

Bard of the Oak:
We'll be holding the Bard of the Oaks competition. More information to come!

The Feast:
A meal fit for the King! (hint hint hint)
Prepared by Francisco de Salamanca
A Tour of Italy
Feast Tickets are $15 including gate fee for members. Non-members will still have to pay an additional $5 gate fee.
Tickets are going FAST!!!

Site Information: San Benito County Fairgrounds, 9000 Airline Hwy, Tres Pinos, CA 95075.
Site opens at 9am; Lists & Armor inspection at 10am; Lists close at 11am

Elisabeth Grym LizzieGrym@gmail.com
Margaret Graham wooopsie_theswingdancer@yahoo.com