[WES] Spring Collegium

Come join us at the Wasilla Boys and Girls Club for this year’s Spring Collegium—a full day of classes, on a variety of subjects, including clothing, jewelry, 101 classes, and even something for the kids.  In addition, if there are interested parties, we should be able to arrange a space to put an A&S Display--just inquire.

Site Information: Boys and Girls Club of America / 3700 E Bogard Rd / Wasilla AK 99654. 

From the Parks Highway, turn North onto Seward Meridian.  Follow Seward Meridian until the end and take a right onto Bogard.  The B&G Club is on the Right.

Opens at 11AM and closes at 7PM, plus time for takedown.

Fee is $5 for adults, children under 12 free.  NMS fee ($5) will be in effect.

Autocrat: Tiarna Bránn mac Finnchad (beorn_se_bacaire@yahoo.com)

We have a number of fine classes--at a variety of levels--scheduled.  They are as Follows:

  • Intro to Russian Garb—Taught by Baroness Elspeth Bouchannane: To celebrate our Russian Princess, what better way than to wear Russian clothing at events, especially Summer Coronet.  This class will be on basic Russian clothing with some insight into the more complexities of said garments.   History, research information and construction for adult male and female and children.  One hour.
  • Learn to Sew! (For Kids of All Ages)—Taught by Ellisif a Reikiavik: Learn the basics of cutting out a pattern shape, sewing & stuffing it to make a squeaky toy guaranteed to drive adults crazy. You can even embroider your initials on it. Absolutely no sewing skills required, although the ability to tell which end of a needle is sharp is helpful.   Age limit: kids under 4 usually have trouble. As a note to parents, we will be working with felt, large needles, & crochet cotton.  2 Hours, with a cookie break
  • Varangians: What You Need To Know—Taught by Halfdan “Twobears” Ozurson: An introduction on the Varangians; who they were and what they did. Further information delves into clothing, customs, and brief history for those who wish to become a Varangian or for those who would like to know more on this interesting culture.  1 Hour
  • Fused Link Chain, Two Parts—by Caitriona ingean ui Chionaodha: Class 1 - Fused Link Chain lecture.  One hour, an introduction to the history and techniques of fused-link chain (this is a repeat of a class taught at prior collegiums).  Unlimited attendance, no cost.
  • Class 2 - Fused Link Chain hands-on.  One hour, hands on to fusing for chain-making.  Students should take the lecture class first if they have not taken it before.  Limit 4-6 students working (first come, first serve), but  others are free to come watch.  All tools will be available for use in class, and tool kits will be available for purchase.  (Kits can be bought in part or in total - complete kit of tools approximately $60.  Contact the instructor for a list of the tools included)  Cost of silver for students will be $15-20 per kit.  Tool purchase is optional, but the cost of silver is required.
  • Turn Shoes, Introduction—by Vicountess Trava Zapadova: An overview of early period Turn Shoes, as part of a longer term series on producing your own.
  • Miniature Icons—by Mistress Heleyne: One hour class on the subject, handouts available
  • The Moshchevaya Balka Finds—by Magistra Cynehild
  • Redacting 101—by Mistress Clare Elana: the basics of interpreting medieval recipes.
  • SCA 101—by Vicountess Alicienne: An introduction to the SCA.
  • Advanced Wire Knitting—by Mistress Rolynnda: What to Do with the Darn stuff! 1 hr