[OUT] Grand Outlandish XL

Don Otto and THL Elisé, Baron and Baroness of al-Barran bid you welcome to the fortieth Grand Outlandish Tournament!

From its humble beginnings at the Cedro Peak campgrounds to the current site on undeveloped pristine land, Grand Outlandish Tournament has been a gathering of friends and family from across the Knowne Worlde. Come and help us celebrate forty years of history. Read of the first tourneys held. Gaze in wonder at samples from each site. Hear the rousing tale of the Outlandish that wasn’t. Bask in the adulation of all those who gather to hear your tale of Outlandish history.

Second only to Pennsic War in longevity, Grand Outlandish predates the Kingdom of the Outlands and even the Principality of the Outlands! Who was our first Prince of the Outlands? And where did he fight and win his coronet list? Find out when you view our Historical Markers detailing past events, history, and even Outlandish legends.

Fight to bear the title of Lord of Outlandish. Let your rapier guide you to the coveted position of Outlandish Blade. Shoot straight to become the Outlandish Archer. Test your mettle and endurance in the Ironman Competition. Let the melee field claim you as you fight for or against the newest Lord of Outlandish in the Lords of Outlandish versus the World. Demonstrate your skill and cunning or your youthful vigor in the Forty Years War.

For those who yearn to feed the masses, there is the Siege Cooking Competition. Strut your stuff in the Bardic and Bawdy Bardic. Let no eye go un-blinded in the Most Outlandish Garb contest, to be paraded at the opening of Sunday evening court. There may even be a game of Helga Ball for the truly intrepid.

And, of course, classes, classes, and more classes. Spend time teaching or learning a new craft or art.

Your Event Stewards,
THL Y Port Lairge & THL Melodia Shaw

May 23, 2013 - May 27, 2013
101 Doc Holliday Rd, Edgewood NM 87105