Saint-Denis - A Town in the Middle Ages

A web site offers a wide-ranging virtual tour of the area, from the town and abbey to the inhabitants, crafts, daily life, and archeology from the 4th century through the Middle Ages and up to today.

To begin your tour, click on "Anglais" at the bottom of the web page (unless you read French!).  Then, explore the various sections.  You will find links for medieval people such as a pilgrim, a baker, a traveller and an artist.  You'll find links for crafts and markets.  There is a section ("from the market to the table") that includes photos of tableware from Carolingian times to the 16th century.

Don't neglect the small links on the right.  "Object stories", found on several pages, takes you to photos of myriad items from the range of time.  Looking for a pin-making workshop or belt buckles?  Check "crafts and daily life".

Finally, "games" gives you some fun ways to explore maps, Merovingian clothing, dice, and much more!