[LOC] Midwinter Coronation AS48

The Barony of Mordenvale requests All Pilgrims on their travels to seek rest at winter’s mid the coronation true of King and Queen of Lochac old to new.

Take heed and know both when and where your weary feet may rest.
Where: Tocal Agricultural College, Dungog road, Paterson NSW
GPS Coordinates 151˚35’32”E, 32˚38’00”S
For Directions visit : http://www.tocal.nsw.edu.au/about-us/location

When: 6pm Friday 5th of July 2013 until 2pm Sunday 7th of July 2013

Day rate (Lunch only) / Sat night (Feast only) / Entire Event (All meals)
If booked by 23rd June $15 / $40 / $90
Late booking $20 / $50 / $120

Accommodation flat rate.
Camping: $10 per person, per night

Rooms with a single sized bed, wardrobe, heating and desk are available for booking on Friday and Saturday nights. Rooms must be booked and paid for in advance.

Private room with a single bed: $30 per person, per night

Please note that there is an additional $5 per person, per event cost for all non-members to cover insurance.

For further information and booking details, please contact the stewarding team on mords.events@gmail.com

As idle hands and minds are wont to roam A busy weekend shall entice them home At tourney, martial prowess shall enthral Whilst singing entertains both one and all The arts and sciences shall bring forth light With music and collegia to delight Alongside feasting shines our glorious court Thus all pilgrims shall have contented sport.

Our monastery does more than chant and toil we love to build and sew and write and broil
The Arts and Sciences we strive to study and teach the fairer skills that are less… bloody.

Kingdom A&S Competitions:

  •  A pair of Blackwork Cuffs
  •  Metal craft: A decorative item. This is open to interpretation, and could include items such as jewellery, belt buckles, a coronet, etc. Any decorative item made from metal.
  •  Three period sauces: Recipes, Photos, comments from at least 3 tasters.

For more information visit the kingdom arts and sciences website http://lochac.sca.org/artsandsciences/

Whilst monks may forego weaponry and might Those pilgrims who desire it may fight For Tocal is renowned for deeds of arms Thus bring your armour, valour and small charms.