[AET] Tournament of the Windmill II - POSTPONED

Hail, citizens! The gates of the Temple of Janus stand open, heralding the coming war! The Barony of Delftwood invites one and all to join us in preparation for the great conflict. There will be tournaments, melees, populace activities, and an A&S display, all centered on this year's theme of Ancient Rome.

We will also be holding our annual baronial heavy weapons championship. A day long sideboard inspired by Apicius and prepared by Lady Desiderata Drake will be provided on Saturday (cost included in entry fee). We are also pleased to announce the addition of dorm space and camping to this year's tournament.

The event is at Saint Andrew's Camp, 1280 State Route 49 Cleveland, NY 13042, right on the shores of Oneida Lake!

Costs for the weekend are as follows: $15 per adult, $7 for children 5-14, children under 5 are free, and the non-member surcharge of $5
applies. Family cap is $44. Camping spaces are $2 per tent, Dorm rooms are $10 each. Reservations should be sent to SCA Inc, Barony of Delftwood, PO Box 6694, Syracuse, NY 13217, please make checks payable to SCA NY - Barony of Delftwood. Questions should be directed to the event steward: Lord Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus, (marcus.cincinnatus@yahoo.com)