Will ghosts help raise funds to save Wymering Manor?

16th century Wymering Manor, in Portsmouth, England, has had a varied history, from a family home to a residence for a Catholic religious order, but few dispute that it is now home to as many as 20 ghosts. The ghosts, however, may be the saving grace for the battered building which requires nearly UK£2m.

There has been plenty of paranormal interest in the site since it was featured on the TV series Most Haunted, and the reputed 20 ghosts who reputedly occupy the house may help to save it. "There's been a lot of interest in the paranormal and a lot of tours in here - they tend not to be disappointed in what they find. We have to be very careful how we approach it and be quite respectful, but if it gets people interested in Wymering Manor, that can only be a good thing," says trustee Andrew Mason.

Trustees hope to raise UK£500,000 just to stabilize the structure, with additional funds needed to make it accessible to the public.