Pennsic University teacher registration is open

Capt Elias Gedney, Pennsic 42 University Point Coordinator, reports that Pennsic University teacher registration is now open.

Capt Elias Gedney writes:

Greetings to the Teachers of the Known World!

The form for registering classes is now available.

You may find it as a link on the Pennsic University web site
Or you can go directly to the Teacher Signup and Class Registration form at

This is a whole new way for us to run the registration. It allows you, the Teachers, to directly add and administer your class and contact information.   Right now, it's a little plain, and we understand that. we hope to add all the traditional cosmetic touches in the very near future.

Contact myself, the Registrar, or the Chancellor (emails below) if you experience any issues or have any suggestions for improvement.

We are all looking forward to another great year.

Please forward this email to your local Kingdom email lists. Thanks

Capt Elias Gedney
Pennsic 42 University Point Coordinator

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