[MID] Rites of Spring 2013

Rites of Spring 2013: A Kaleidoscope of Color welcomes Their Royal Highnesses, Lucien and Catarina, April 6, 2013

Oak Grove West School
6018 West Lancaster Road
Bartonville, IL 61607

Site fee: $6.00 for adults. Children 5-17 $3.00 under 5 is free
Non member surcharge applies to adult non members

Feast fee: $10.00 children under 5 free
Pre-registration is now OPEN!
Still accepting merchants!  There is no Merchant fee for your space, just pay site fee!!!

Site opens 9:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm

Autocrat: Gillian Eleanor of Roseholm Kennaree2@yahoo.com
Troll: Muriel Zimmerman
Merchant-o-crat: Allison Renee of Roseholm illitonwebminister@gmail.com  

Feast: The Barony of Illiton’s Cooking guild (Percy Dietz)
Head server: Trisha Renken
Lunch: Norel and Sorcha

Heavy Fighting: Baron Robert Downey of Forfar
Rapier Fighting: Warder Maire ingen Dauith
Archery: Gareth Thorne
Children activities: Angela Kell
Bardic circle: Master John Ichingham

A&S classes will be offered. Please contact Elaine Hecathorn ehec53@yahoo.com or Gillian Eleanor kennaree2@yahoo.com if you would like to present a class.