Face of "headless king" revealed

Four hundred years after his death, facial reconstructionists have revealed the face of France's 'Good King Henri IV' whose mummifed head is believed to have been discovered in an attic in 2008.

The reconstruction was accomplished by use of 3D imaging via 700 black and white photos of the skull, and reveals a "smiling, mustachioed" man who had been stabbed to death by a Catholic fundamentalist in 1610.

Philippe Froesch, a craniofacial expert linked to Barcelona University, led the team which did the reconstruction based on the skull. Others, however, dispute the claim. Doctor Jean-Jacques Cassiman of the Louvain University in Belgium compared the head's DNA with that Anne Queen Anne of Romania, 89, a direct maternal descendent of king Henri. "The bearers of this DNA cannot be related," he told Le Figaro.