SCA Artists: Pennsic Merchant Space

Dr Henry Best of the Midrealm reports that his booth at the Pennsic War, Starlit Studios, will be renting retail space at the upcoming War.

Dr. Best writes:

Pennsic is a great market, with about 12,000 potential customers. But the expenses to set up a booth there, space rental, insurance, electrical, tent purchase or rental, signage, advertising, lights and general infrastructure, are prohibitive. So too is the time required, making it impossible to do anything else at Pennsic. And all that is assuming you've made it to the top of the waiting list to get in as a new merchant. All of this puts Pennsic out of the practical reach of most artists.

Well the thing is, I have openings in my booth, Starlit Studios, located adjacent to the food court on Battle Rd. I maintain offices in the back, where we offer consultations in various divinatory arts, astrology, palm, tarot, etc. At some future date, there are plans for a small theater as well, but for now, the area in front of the booth is host to street magic shows and other entertainments.

What I'm doing is really more an A&S project than a money-making venture. Getting paid for these consultations is a necessary factor in my research, but the money received does not begin to cover the expenses of the booth. (Besides, last year, the consultation fees went to a charity.) I need tenants to share the expenses or I can't maintain the booth.

Readings in the back, magic shows in the street, but the front section of the booth serves as the waiting lobby, and is also an art gallery, featuring the products of the very finest SCA artisans we can find. Fascinating and beautiful things for people to admire and purchase as they wait their turns for consultations. That's where I have space for you.

I am offering retail space in my booth, on a year to year basis. This gets you a chance to merchant at Pennsic without the insanely high investment of time and money, and without cooling your heels on the near-infinite waiting list.

I am able to offer you space for a 5' table in my booth and help from your fellow artists in selling your goods, so you don't have to man the shop for the entire war.

In return, you pay a flat fee (I will share the number with serious querants) to cover your share of the booth's expenses, and you help run the booth, working as sales clerk for everyone's art and receptionist for the consulting business. You'd be standing shifts with your fellow artists, and we will have at least six, so you'd be working 1/6 of the time you'd have to devote if you were working alone.

So there it is. For the right artists, this is a golden opportunity. Because we are sharing expenses and time, this is an extremely painless way to put your art up for sale at the largest market in the SCA. If you are interested, please contact me immediately. I only have a few spaces and I expect them to fill up fast.

Please pass this message along however you wish, facebook, mailing lists, what have you, and especially forward it to those who make exquisite art, those who you believe really deserve a wider audience for their goods.  And thank you for reading.

Dr Henry Best