Society Seneschal reports on SCA lawsuit

On the Unofficial SCA Society Seneschal's Announcement Page, SCA Society Seneschal Erik Langhans (Sir Modius von Mergentheim) reports the latest news on the 2009 lawsuit brought against the Society.

His Excellency writes:

In early 2012, the SCA settled a lawsuit brought in 2009 against it and three local SCA officers. At this time last year, the SCA asked each of the Kingdoms of the Knowne World to contribute to the financial settlement of that 2009 lawsuit. At that time, the Board of Directors committed to pursuing a lawsuit against an insurance carrier that refused to contribute to the settlement and sought repayment of the amounts contributed by the SCA's kingdoms.  

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the lawsuit against the insurance carrier has been settled and that, although the insurance carrier has admitted no wrong-doing, the SCA has recouped a significant portion of the monies spent on the settlement of the 2009 lawsuit. Due to confidentiality provisions in the settlement agreement with the insurance carrier, the Board is unable to provide any details of the settlement with the insurance carrier. However, as of February 11, 2013, the corporate office will send checks to each of the Kingdoms who contributed to the settlement of the 2009 lawsuit, reimbursing each Kingdom approximately two-thirds of the contributions made by such Kingdom.

The Board would like to extend its heart-felt gratitude to each and every one of its members for their support of the corporation during these trying times.

Sir Modius may be contacted by visiting the Society Seneschal's website listed below.