Caid Kingdom 12th Night scrolls online

Aliskye, Scribe Armarius in the Kingdom of Caid, reports that photos of scrolls awarded at the 2013 Kingdom 12th Night are now available to view online. The photos are posted on the 12th Night website.

The photos of these truly wonderful scrolls, along with each scroll's recipient and award name, are available in thumbnail and larger views (click on the thumbnail). There is also a list of the scribes who crafted them.

Thank you for making the

Thank you for making the change!



Thanks for the correction!

I've amended the story. Thanks for bringing the error to our attention.

Caid, not West Kingdom.

Greetings, this should be The Kingdome of Caid, not the West Kingdom.  Thanks!



It was delightful to see the link to these scrolls presented at 12th Night, however the relevant Kingdom is Caid not the West. Could a correction be made?



Aliskye Rosel

scribe armarius caidis