Open A&S at Gulf Wars

Magistra Rosemounde of Mercia and Mistress Jennet of Tewkesbury report that the A&S open will take place on Friday March 15, 2013 at Gulf Wars from 8 AM to 3 PM at Bede Hall, and the surrounding area.

Magistra Rosemounde and Mistress Jennet write:

Greetings to the A&S Officers of the Known World from Magistra Rosemounde of Mercia, and Mistress Jennet of Tewkesbury, Gulf Wars A&S Open Coordinators for Meridies and Glenn Abhann.

Items on the calendar are closer than they appear!

The A&S open will take place on Friday at Gulf Wars from 8 AM to 3 PM at Bede Hall, and the surrounding area.

Artisans of all levels of expertise are welcome. There will be both static and performance categories. Documentation may be extensive, or may be a little as a 3x5 card explaining what, when, where and how it was made. Do make sure that the artisans name is on the card.

Performance entries are invited to perform twice in the day for audiences, tentatively 10 AM and 1 PM.

Prizes will be awarded based on populace judging and many others - the Queens of Meridies and Glenn Abhann will give personal prizes, the  Laurels of both kingdoms will give prizes, and there are always a number of personal prizes provided by other Crowns, individuals, and households. Laurels of all kingdoms are invited to come, observe, and vote for their favorite items. Feedback and largesse are encouraged as well. Entries will not be judged or scored.

There will continue to be a sponsored children's category for entrants under 12 years of age for any entry, static or performance. This year there will also be a sponsored youth category for 12 to 16 year olds. Once again, Darkwood Clan will be sponsoring a category in SCA life, with a display table of its own.

At the end of the day, projects must be picked up between 3:30 and 4. Prizes will be given out promptly at 3:30, though you need not be present to win. You do need to have someone there to pick up your entry. We encourage entrants to be prompt in picking up entries, as  
the hall will immediately be turned over to prepare for an evening event at 4.

Last year we had over 100 entries. As a result, we will have to limit table space this year to one linear foot. Those wishing to bring their  
own table or display stand will be accommodated. We do expect to spill over to the outside, and though we will have tents, there may be some issue with the wind as there was last year. Artisans might want to think about pinning or fastening down light-weight works in some way.

Those interested in volunteering to help or wishing to offer a prize in a particular category may contact us directly at (Rosemounde) or (Jennet) . If you just want to show up with a prize for your favorite entry, you can do that as well.

We had some amazing entries last year, and the event was well-liked by the populace and artisans alike. Display of the work of artisans is always an inspiration to others, so encourage everyone to bring their work for display.

Yours in Service,

Magistra Rosemounde of Mercia, Meridian Gulf Wars A&S Liaison
Mistress Jennet of Tewkesbury, Glenn Abhann Gulf Wars A&S Liaison