[WES] 29th Annual Court of Love

Get your tickets early for the Canton of Borderwinds' (in the Barony of Tarnmist)  29th Annual Court of Love, on Saturday, March 9, 2013. This " no hats" event will be held at Ramona Garden Park in Arroyo Grande, CA. The site opens at 10:30 am, and ends at 11 pm.

This year's Lady of Love and Beauty is Lady Alaine ni Deorin, and our Lord Protector is Master Baron Achmere ib Tamim. They have selected the fantasy theme of "Winter Court of the Unseelie Dark Fey", and any form of the Fey Folk or their ilk- Unseelie, Seelie, Dark Fey, Light Fey, Fairies, Elves, Sluagh, Boogiemen, Brownies, Kelpies, etc.- are welcome to the Winter Court of Her Most Beauteous Self, Lady Alaine. With the epicurically wonderful Lady Veronica de Lugano as Her Head Cook, the feast will be filled with many gastric delights.

This year's Tourney will be a Wild Hunt, and the tourney will start when there are enough fighters to participate. Contact Baron Achmere (info in The Page) for more information.

The Rules of Unseelie Love will definitely be enforced, and contests are thus: Lady Alaine's Choice-any kind of dessert ( please, NO strawberries or coconut products); Best Garb Reflecting the Theme ( *note* There are *no* period/material limitations), and Best Table Decorations Reflecting the Theme. This can be done by a team, or by an individual ( there's a prize for both). There will also be a dayboard for your snacking pleasure, as well as our usual auction, later, during the Feast. All donations are welcome.There also may be dancing.

While children are heartily encouraged to participate during the day's activities, the night's Feast and entertainment is considered only suitable for those over the age of 16.  BUT fear not, good parents! A qualified sitter and a dinner of Pizza will be provided off site for those children who have journeyed to our fair realm, and many other wonderful delights and games will be provided for their pleasure while you "let your hair down" at our fine feast and revel.Just let us know when you order your tickets.
Limited crash space is available.

Site info: Ramona Garden Park Center/993 Ramona Ave/Grover Beach,CA
Site Fees: Day- $5.00. Feast- $15.00.Offboard- $10.00.
PLEASE try to buy your feast tickets early ( before March 2, 2013).

The $5.00 NMS will be in effect.Please make checks out to: "SCA,Inc-Barony of Tarnmist". Please inform the autocrat of any allergies or food specs you might have.

Autocrat: Mistress Jena Whitehart originalzaena@yahoo.com
Head Cook: Lady Veronica de Lugano

Directions: From the North: Take Hwy 101 south to Arroyo Grande,CA.; take the Five Cities Drive exit and turn left. Proceed up to 4th Street., turn right, procedd to Ramona Ave. and turn left. Site will be at the corner of Ramona Ave. and 10th St. From the South: take Hwy 101 north to Arroyo Grande, take the Grand Ave. exit; turn left. Proceed west to 10th St., turn right, site is two blocks north.