Now in English: Cookbook From Archaeological Studies in Northern and Central Europe

Looking for really historical documentation for cooking? A Culinary Journey Through Time, published by Communicating Culture, is now available in English, German and Danish. The book is the "first ever cookbook based on archaeological finds." Jeppe Wojcik of ScienceNordic has a review.

First published in 1995, the book contains 80 recipes, organized by season, from the Old Stone Age up until the Middle Ages, from northern and central Europe. All recipes use ingredients known to the area and people of a place and time period. “We’ve found crusts, carbonised remnants, seeds, fruits, bones, fish bones and shell heaps. This variety of ingredients has helped us form an idea of what people ate in the old days, and that’s reflected in our recipes,” said archaeologist Sabine Karg, one of the authors.