St. Birgitta's Bones to Solve Mystery

Scientists plan to use DNA testing to determine the burial site of Sweden's St. Birgitta. DNA testing may help solve a mystery involving one of Europe's patron saints. For centuries, Sweden and Holland have both claimed the remains of St. Birgitta, a 14th century saint who became famous for her visions of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Birgitta died in Rome, was canonized in 1391, and was made a patron saint of Europe in 1999. Today two sites both claim to house her remains: Vadstena Abbey Church near Stockholm, which has her bones and a monastery in the Netherlands which is home to a skull said to belong to the saint which was removed from Vadstena in the 17th century.

The DNA tests should take about six months, and the results should be known in time for Sweden's celebration of the saint's birthday. There is no word on whether or not the remains will be reunited in one location.