Estrella War early set-up - help wanted

Magdalen, Victoria and Tigra, Estrella War Mains 2013, are requesting volunteers to help with Early Set Up at the War.

Greetings Estrella War Early Set Up Volunteers!
If you plan to help with War Early Set Up, please keep reading.
This message is for folks who are helping to set up the following areas:
Battlefield - Both Hardsuit and Rapier
Archery and Thrown Weapons Ranges
Parking - Both General and Special Needs
Camping Areas

If you are only setting up Baronial Lands specifically, please contact your respective Baron and Baroness for more information.

You will be allowed onto the Schnepf Farms site early starting 9:00 am, Friday, February 22 through Sunday, February 24, only if:
1. You are Pre-registered. (This means everyone, adults and kids!)
2. You bring Your Proof of Preregistration with you to site.
3. You are on the Estrella War Early Set-Up List*
*See below how to get onto the list
If you do not meet the early set up requirements, you will be asked to leave site and come back on Tuesday, February 26.
The camping sites are divided into three areas. We only have access to the Battlefield, Archery Range and Camping Field 3 on Friday, February 22 through Sunday, February 24th. So, if you are camping with your group and they are in Camping Field 1 or Camping Field 2, you may set up a temporary tent in Camping Field 3 while you are working and then move to your regular camping area on Monday.

Monday morning, we will need as many helping hands as we can get so that we may set up Camping in Fields 1 & 2. If you are helping with setting up the Town Square and/or Merchants Row, please see Mistress Tigra, Site coordinator; or Mistress Eden, Merchant Coordinator, as they have specific task details that must be followed for those two areas.

How to get onto the Estrella War Early Set Up Crew List:
1. Preregister for War by Sunday, February 10, 2013.
2. Contact us by Friday, February 15 at, put - War Set Up - in the Subject Line.
3. Tell us your Modern name.
4. Tell us your SCA name
5. Tell us your day of arrival.
6. Receive confirmation that you are on the Early War Set Up list from Mistress Tigra.
We welcome OUT-OF-KINGDOM Estrella War Early Set Up Helpers! -- Please contact the Mains so that we can confirm you are on the list before you travel!

We thank you for your service and look forward to working with you to help make Estrella War a fantastic experience for one and all!

At Your Service,
Magdalen, Victoria and Tigra
Estrella War Mains 2013
Magdalen will respond to questions on this FB thread and answer them. All other inquiries should go to Thanks!