SCA-wide archery newsletter

Lord Gaelen O'Gradaigh has announced that he will be co-editing an SCA-wide archery newsletter.

Lord Gaelen writes:

Greetings to all my fellow archers SCA wide!!! I am Gaelen O'Gradaigh and I will be helping to set up the new archery newsletter that will go out with all the SCA's newsletters. My request is this, if you have articles you have written or illustrations you have created, or if your kingdom has a webpage or Yahoo group that you post articles to would you allow us to publish these articles (with the authors permission of course). Won't you please submit them for publication so that we all can benefit from them?

If you would fill out one of them and use “Sca archery newsletter” as the name of the newsletter and include it with your submissions, it will be greatly appreciated. Also please forward this on to your kingdom's archery and herald groups.

THESE ARE THE CATEGORIES we will at least initially be featuring:

Society Score List:
Current Affairs / Skills Section;
Period Archery Fiction:
Kingdom Notes:
Combat / Target:

Lord Gaelen O'Gradaigh
Midrealm archery marshal of the field
Co-editor "SCA archery newsletter"