Donations Needed for Chirurgeon's Point at Pennsic War

Want to help the Chirurgeons at Pennsic? Aine reports what sorts of donations are needed for Chirurgeon's Point and for the fund-raising auction.


Thank you to the many gentles who have been contacting me to see what they can donate to Chirurgeon's Point.

Our budget, thanks to everyone's donations at the auction and in the coin jars, is in good shape. Medical supplies are covered.

What we could use help with are the items we cannot spend budget monies on. Items like cans of soda, juice boxes and individually packaged snacks are always needed. Last year, many grateful chirurgeons enjoyed a cool drink and snack after a battle or a long shift. We are not picky. Any type of soda, juice or snack is greatly appreciated.

We could always use paper cups. Although we order thousands of cups, they go quickly if it is a hot Pennsic. Regular picnic/party size cups or large kitchen Dixie type cups are the perfect size.

As always, we are in need of items for the Chirurgeon's Auction. Filled theme baskets, hand made art items (garb, pottery, jewelry, etc.) and supplies for the gentle arts bring in lots of high bids. We cannot auction off homemade edible items of any sort or any type of liquor or alcohol.

If you are interested in donating items, please email me privately and describe your donation so we can keep our inventory up to date.

If anyone can forward this letter to other SCA lists, please do so. Please reply to me on this list. That way, we all can see when and where the message has been passed on. This will prevent other list masters and mistresses from being bombarded with multiple requests.

As always, thank you for your generosity and support. It is appreciated.

In Service,
The Pennsic Chirurgeons
(via Aine who is doing the begging)

I have items to donate, but I

I have items to donate, but I am unable to privately contact Aine as she asked. How may I find her contact information?

Aine prefers her email not to be published

Aine prefers her email address not to be published for modern-world privacy reasons. However, if you email me ( I will be glad to forward your message to her.