[DRA] Double Wars XXVI

Attemark is once again hosting the great Double Wars, this time for the 26th time and it is with great pleasure that we invite You to celebrate this joyous occation with us. Let’s come together and make it even more splendid than ever before.


As always there will be two wars held at the event. There will be the traditional Knäckebröd War where it is decided which side of the knäckebröd to butter. The flat one or the one with holes. Show which side you belong to in the Knäckebröd war by wearing green for the flat side and yellow for the side with holes. Baron John of Styringheim will be leading the holy side to war.

The scenario for the second War is not yet planned. Do you have any suggestions and would like to run the War? Please contact the autocrats!

Arts & Science

    Arts and Science Competition
    Blank Scroll Competition
    Laurel’s Prize Tourney
In 2013 we will once more be gathering for Drachenwald’s biggest Arts and Science event in the shire of Attemark – if you have a class, lecture or workshop, please consider bringing it to Double Wars to spread the knowledge. We will be putting up a form for every teacher to fill in their information and wishes, and will work hard to make a schedule that works for as many people as possible. Last year we had nearly 60 classes on the schedule with a wide variety of topics.

If you would like to host a competition or Arts and Science event, please send it in to the A&S Co-ordinators and we will include it in the schedule and get the information out.

Most classes won’t have a limit of attendees, but we will ask that you register for the classes anyway so the teachers will know how many to expect. For all morning classes you sign up the evening before (from 13.00) and for all afternoon classes you sign up in the morning the same day (from 10.00). This is done so all will have a fair chance to participate in classes with a limited number of spots.

Please observe that some classes will have fees for materials!


Tostarpsgårdens Lägerområde, Tyringe Sweden

PL 2883, SE-282 91 Tyringe www.tostarpsgarden.com

Site opens on Friday May 3 at 6 pm and closes at noon on Sunday May 12.

Responsible for the Site and Ground is Lord Bjaere af Lönnamo.

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