Volunteers sought for Youth Point and Youth & Family Track Classes at Pennsic 42

Lord Martyn de Halliwell, Dept. Head, Youth Point, Pennsic XLII, is seeking volunteers to help with Youth Point at the upcoming War.

Lord Martyn writes:

Greetings unto the Youth Officers of the Known World!

It's already that time again, to consider what classes and activities will be happening at Pennsic this year.  First and foremost, I have two deputies this year: Baroness Caroline de Mercier and Rowan Orr.

I am head of Youth Point again this year, and have already begun working with staff at Pennsic University, and the dance tents to start scheduling classes.  This year we will be working together to make the best possible schedule of classes and activities for Youth and for Youth & Families at Pennsic this year.

We need *your* help!  I would like to have Youth Point open more that just during the last 8 days of Pennsic, but we need the classes, activities, and volunteers to be open.  Background checks are not a requirement, though if you have one already, that's very helpful.

If you are interested in helping, or have any questions, the easiest method of contacting me is via e-mail at youthpoint@pennsicwar.org

Traditionally, the East, the Midrealm, AEthelmearc, & Atlantia all sponsor days of activities or half-days of activities at Youth Point.  If your local group, household, or Kingdom is interested in taking a half-day or whole day at Youth Point, please e-mail me at youthpoint@pennsicwar.org

In addition to activities for Youth at Youth Point, there will also be a designated track of Youth & Family classes offered through Pennsic University.  The P. U. Registrar and myself will work to avoid conflicts, and all classes held at P. U. will require that any youth in attendance be accompanied by a responsible adult.  This is specifically for Youth & Family track classes.  There are no major policy changes this year concerning Youth Point.

Also offered with be the all-ages dance class, culminating in an All-Ages Revel in the European Dance Tent!  This was done with great success last year, and we're hoping for even more involvement this year.  Many thanks to THL Jayne Barber for her efforts in putting this together last year!

I am open to any and all questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, and offers of assistance and/or resources.  We are working hard to increase the amount and variation of content offered for all ages of Youth at Pennsic, and any information you'd like to pass on is important to us.  Again, the e-mail address for reaching Youth Point & for other Youth & Family related concerns is youthpoint@pennsicwar.org

My best to you all, and I look forward to seeing (and hopefully working with) many of you in the coming months!

Dept. Head, Youth Point, Pennsic XLII

-- Lord Martyn de Halliwell