Estrella War XXIX A&S volunteers needed

Estrella War is upon us! The Estrella War Main Event Stewards are asking a boon of all attending the Estrella War XXIX, and that is to volunteer for a scant two hours. For the Artisans from every kingdom we have a special request for your volunteer hours, and that it to share the passion and expertise you have for your arts with your cousins from without the Known World.

You can do it in one of two ways, either by teaching a traditional class at the Collegium or demonstrating your art or science. Both are held in the same location as last year in a cool, quite and inviting space. The classes are held under the huge Ramada, on a concrete floor with tables, chairs and electricity provided. The demonstrations are held a few feet away in 10X10 tents. There are four of them and a wide-open space for A&S that need a little more breathing room.

Demonstrations are informal and participatory, with attendees getting to personally inter act and get a little hands on time with you. Heck most of us already bring something with us to work on at war, why not sit in and share.

Please go to and sign up on line. There are two different forms available; one is for the Collegium and the other specifically for Demonstrations.

Thank you so much for considering our requests,

The Estrella War XXIX Main Event Stewards, Viscountess Victoria of the Vales of Barnsdale, OL, OP, Baroness Magdalen Venturosa, OP and Mistress Tyock (Tigra) MacKay of Marwode, OP