The 6th Annual Gulf Wars War Bard Competion

Greetings from the Performing Arts of this years Gulf Wars XXII. We are proud to announce that we will conducting the 6th Annual Gulf Wars War Bard Competion on Wednesday evening at 6 p.m.

Come prepared to represent your Kingdom. This year's theme is "An Open Field", so bring your "weapon" of choice and laye on! There is a five minute time limit for all performances be they story, song, poetry, play, or smack talk. Documentation is not required. Sign up will be at the Sable and Gules Theatre. You must sign up no later than 1 hour prior to the start of performances. There will be a prize for the Kingdom represented by the most performences. 

On Friday, between noon and 2 p.m., the Bards of the Horn  and Harp will be sponsoring the 6th Annual Youth Bard Competition and Talent Show. Sign up will be from the start of the war until noon on Friday. All youths age 3 to 11 are encouraged to come and share their talents, sing, dance, storytelling, and play an instrument with fun to be had by all. All entrants must be accompanied by an adult representative for the duration of the show.

Medieval Movie Night

Also from the Performing Arts we present, Medieval Movie Night which is now in it's third year. This year we present "Tristan and Isolde" a 2006 romantic drama based on the medieval romantic Arthurian legend of Tristan and Isolde. Film starts at 8pm or at dark, which ever comes first! Hit the food court behind the Sable and Gules Theatre, and get ready for dinner and a show! Bring yeeself a chair, for available chairs are limited. A perfect alternative activity for all ages to enjoy so make this your family night of fun!