[DRA] Festival of Fools

The Shire of Dun in Mara, in the Principality of Insulae Draconis, presents the Festival of Fools, an event dedicated to foolery and topsy-turvy arrangements, games and gambols, featuring a Lenten/Carnival Feast (with the special Sinners Option!).


ASPIRE Centre, Clara House, Clara, Co. Offaly

18:00 22 March 2013 until 16:00 24 March 2013

This site has 36 bunks, with bedding, and a limited amount of crash space. Please indicate which you would prefer in your booking.

Site is very discreetly wet.

Site Fee:
Full weekend with meals and Bunk: €45
Full weekend with meals and Crash Space: €35
Day-trip with meals: €25
Children with crash or children’s day-trip with meals: €15
(Children for full weekend with meals & bunk pay full €45)
Family cap: €120

Event Steward:

Cassandra della Corona
Email: debbie.macrory@gmail.com

As above

Lord Duncan Chaucer
Email: thefunkymonk@hotmail.com

Feast Co-Ordinator:
Agnes La Verte
Email: agneslaverte@gmail.com

The activities for the event will be:

“Pop Goes the Weasel” – Target Archery

In the first round of the archery tournament, each archer will have three arrows each which they will shoot at a balloon covered target. Certain balloons will contain small tokens which the archers must release to progress to the next round. This will continue until only three archers remain, where a blind fold shoot will determine the winner with whomsoever arrow is closest to the center of the target.

“Damsel in Distress!” – Rapier

The fighting has become personal, with the fencers dragging their opponents unwilling damsels into the field! In this tournament, each fighter will in their off hand hold a damsel while trying to defeat their opponent. Allowing your damsel to be struck (or indeed, using her as a parrying device) will result in a loss.

Please note, both lords and ladies are welcome to volunteer as damsels, but all damsels must be authorized fencers and must wear full armour.

“Hobbit and Giant Heavy Melee” – Armoured Combat

The details of this mission must remain secret, though all will be revealed when the heavy fighters present themselves on the field of combat.

Arts & Sciences Display:

History is life, all parts of life; the combat, the fashion, the habits of a nobleman’s or a servants day, the fare and delicacies and the humour and entertainment people have always enjoyed.
Therefore, we ask people to submit for display an item that, for them, illustrates that part of history they think of fondly, with a smile…or a snigger.

Bardic Display:

For those who wish instead to recite or sing of a humorous tale, we ask them to display their talents through bardic display, to be recited during and after the feast.

Advanced Procrastination Classes

Time & details to be announced.

Hide and Seek

My dear friend Tom, a hide and seek champion, has agreed to arrive on site early and position himself for a game of hide and seek! Tom may be hiding anywhere at the event (though please respect the privacy of good gentles’ rooms, Tom will doing so and therefore won’t be there), and there is a prize for whomever finds him first!

Other Activities

“Pin the tail on the Dragon” (throughout the day) – Albion has lost his tail! And he’s relying on the lords and ladies, young and old, to help him find it and put it back it place.