Input sought for youth classes and activities at Lilies War

HL Apple, Minister of Youth for the Kingdom of Calontir, is seeking input and instructors for youth and teen classes and actiities of the 2013 Lilies War.

HL Apple writes:

It's already that time again, to consider what classes and activities will be happening at Lilies this year.  First and foremost, I would like to thank all of those who spend their spare time and vacations organizing everything from tents to porta-johns to fireworks to site clean up days that makes Lilies one of the best wars anywhere!

I am head of Youth,  Teen and Family Activities this year and have already begun working with various individuals to start scheduling classes and activities.  This year we will be working together to make the best possible schedule of classes and activities for Youth, Teens and Families at Lilies this year. In addition to activities for Youth, there will also be a designated Teen activities and classes.  

We need your help!  I would like to have Youth Activities open 9-5 every day of war, but we need the classes, activities, and volunteers to do so.  Background checks are not a requirement, though if you have one already, that's very helpful.  We are currently VERY low on volunteers and teachers.  If you are interested in helping, or have any questions, the easiest method of contacting me is via e-mail at  This year volunteers will be given tickets for daily prize drawings.  One ticket for each hour worked as volunteer, two tickets for each hour worked as a volunteer who has a background check.  Winners will be announced daily, so be sure to hold on to your tickets!

Traditionally, at the larger wars (Gulf, Pennsic, etc) various kingdoms and large groups all sponsor days of activities or half-days of activities at the Youth Point.  This has not happened at Lilies in quite some time.  I challenge every Barony, Shire, Canton, Guild and group to sponsor SOMETHING at the Youth Tent at Lilies this year.  If your local group, household, or Barony is interested in taking a class, activity, half-day or whole day at the Youth Tent, please e-mail me at  To add incentive to this challenge, Youth and Teens will vote on their favorite classes and activities throughout the week, and the winner of the most votes will be announced Saturday and that teacher or group will be awarded lovely prizes!


I am open to any and all questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, and offers of assistance and/or resources.  We are working hard to increase the amount and variation of content offered for all ages of Youth at Lilies, and any information you'd like to pass on is important.  Again, the e-mail address for reaching me is

Yours in Service,

HL Apple
MOY for the Kingdom of Calontir