[EAS] Novice Schola/Baronial Birthday

New to the SCA? Far-away friends tell you about the SCA and you are wondering what they are so excited about? Long-time SCA member wanting to learn something new? This is the event for you!

We will have a day filled with classes covering a variety of subjects to make your participation in the SCA easier and more fun.  Classes traditionally include dancing, cooking, clothing, how to choose feast gear, persona, fiber arts, jewelry making....

The will be a simple dayboard lunch available for a small fee.

There may be merchants selling their wares in the main hall, so you can do a bit of shopping between classes or during lunch.

After a day filled with gaining knowledge, our Baron and Baroness may invite us all to attend court while they acknowledge the skill, efforts and achievements of members of the populace.

Following court, we will celebrate the Barony's 22nd birthday with a feast in the main hall.  The feast will have a limited number of seats available due to limitations of the kitchen, so submit your reservation early to guarantee your spot, but there will also be "off-board" seating available in the main hall for those who wish to bring their own food.

Site Opens: 9AM
Site Closes: 9PM
Event Location    
Bethesda Lutheran Church
455 Island Pond Road
Springfield, MA  01118
Event Fees    
Site : Site fee:  None.  This is a donation only event.

Feast: Dayboard (lunch) fee:  $3
Feast fee:  $7

Reservations Due 01/31/2013
Please notify Brigiða of allergies by this date as well.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc, Barony of Bergental
Contact Information    
Lady Brigiða in kollramma

Sir Cedric of Armorica

Send Reservations to:
Brigiða in kollramma

Other Contact Information:
Class Coordinator
Lady Barbeta Kyrkeland