Pennsic Registration is Open

Registration for Pennsic 42 is now officially open. Those wishing to register may do so online

Pennsic Registration is officially open.

There are also several reminders from the Pennsic Mayor:

As you may know Pennsic War is a week earlier this year (July 19 – August 3, 2013) due to another event the Coopers are holding. This was old news and was known 3 years ago.

Here are some changes to Pennsic this year:

  1. Troll will be located on the battlefield this year. The Coopers wanted to move it "off-site" so they could better control paying attendees. Paid parking will be moved to make room for troll and the battlefield will not change in size.
  2. The site will close at 12pm on Saturday instead of Sunday. This was decided by the Pennsic staff not the Coopers. We have less time to pack and clean up the site due to the other event so the event staff decided they needed time on Saturday to make this happen.