Chainmail comfort shoes

The perfect footgear to pair with your chainmail bikini, PaleoBarefoots offers customers the opportunity to have "100% protection and 100% barefoot feel."

PaleoBarefoots chainmail shoes come in three styles:

PaleoBarefoots® DELINDA - the Paleo® for your senses!

Delinda is not a shoe, it's a piece of jewelry! Suitable for strolling, hiking and walking on natural surfaces around and in waters. Order your PaleoBarefoots Delinda®, the lightest among our Barefoot. A minimalist running shoe for grounding and light activities on natural grown soil. Get a barefoot shoe to feel all unfiltered environmental conditions - and have fun!

PaleoBarefoots ANTERRA® - the Paleo® for athletes!

The PaleoBarefoots® ANTERRA. With accessories a real walk, running and walking shoe with a closed instep for all naturally grown soils in the wild. Like all PaleoBarefoots® a consistently purist minimalist shoe, which guarantees maximum barefoot feel, freedom for feet and toes, immediate Kneipp effects and reflexology massage. Suitable for jogging and other sports activities in the great outdoors!

PaleoBarefoots® PRONATIV - the Paleo® for high demands!

PRONATIV is a real outback Barefoot for natural grown soils and all kind of terrain. Wearing them is fast, easy and flexible. If you are keen to "feel" what is under your feet - far away from roads and usual trails - try them today! A unique running experience for all senses and all weathers! In the midst of nature a minimalist runing shoe for pure barefoot feel and pleasure!