[ATE] Sable Knight Tournament

The College of Saint Felix is under duress. Our land owner, Sir Sable, has gone mad with power and once again threatens to enslave us beneath his rule. If left unchecked, his insanity will destroy our very way of life!

We humble students do beseech all who hear our plea to come and save us from this tyranny! Trial by combat is the only way to free us from this villainy! Come, be our champion and defeat Sir Sable and his vile henchman Rogue Noir in armed combat and we will be free to continue our educational pursuits unhindered. If no champion can best these scoundrels, then our noble institution must suffer and toil beneath Sir Sable's iron fist. If you have chivalry in your heart, courage in your soul, and a strong sword arm, please come free us from this bondage.

Come and support the College of St. Felix whether you fight in armor, with a rapier, or on the youth field on January 26, 2013 at Himmel Park!

Yes the BOD meeting is that morning, but that doesn't mean you cant come fight to save the College of St Felix from the tyrant in the afternoon.

Site opens at 11 am, Court will start around noon, and fighting will begin after court. Site fee is $3.00 for members and $8.00 for non-members. Hardsuit and Rapier fighters will need to front an additional $5.00 to fight in their respective tourneys.

As an added bonus children 17 and younger will be allowed on site for no charge (since Sir Sable is a fair overlord and only taxes those of voting age).

In Servitude to Sir Sable,

The College of St. Felix.