[DRA] Drachenwald Crown Tournament

A stunning lake, a castle, a very nice castle, banners flowing in the soft spring wind, beautiful ladies strolling in the small park, a list, a herald's flamboyant voice, shiny armour on expectant fighters, tense consorts in front row seats and a noble King and Queen looking upon it all - it is time for Crown tournament!

The mastodon tusk, the set of copperplates of the Sarcophagus of St. Henry, a suit of armour manufactured in the Ashikaga-shogunate and other truly remarkable objects are found in the castle. Can a picture do an object justice? We say Nay.

As with any castle of rank, this one has tales, and as you all know, a tale is best told at its original place. Tales like the one about The Screaming Drum, The Ghost-ladies Stuart, Ristell and the Royal Moose can be read about, but could one feel the full extent of the stories at other places, we say Nay.

Would crossing oceans, climbing the highest mountains, travelling through vast unknown forests, paying a slightly higher site fee, be enough to stop you from coming to a truly unique event? We say Nay.

Will the pictures do the event justice? Will the stories make you feel the atmosphere? Can you afford to miss a truly unique event?

Welcome one and all to the Spring Crown Tournament April 5-7, Anno Societatis 47, being 2013 in the common counting.
The event will be held at Rockelstad Slott about 1½-2 hours south of Stockholm, very close to the Ryanair international airport Skavsta.
More information about the event, the (amazing) site, travel and tourism in the area if you have a day or two to spare can be found at www.crown.nordmark.org.
Registration for the event will open on January 15 at 19.00 (Swedish time) for participants in the tourney, and January 22 at 19.00 (Swedish time) for everyone else. Space at the site is limited. Registration for daypasses will be opend at a later date.
Looking forward to seeing you soon in the shire of Holmrike!
Isabetta del Verde and the rest of autocrat group