[NOR] It's Only a Flesh Wound

The Barony of Jararvellir proudly presents It's Only a Flesh Wound Saturday January 26, 2013

Jefferson County Fair Park
503 North Jackson Avenue
Jefferson, WI 53549

Gate opens at 8:00am

Site is BONE Dry. No outside food or beverages are allowed on site. Lunch will be available on site.

Site fee: Children under 5 free, ages 5-12 $3.00, 12 and up $10.00, Non member surcharge will be applied for non members.

Authorizations are by appointment only. Contact the MIC for an appointment at: polearm1@gmail.com

The first tournament will start promptly at 10:00am.
The list of Tournaments:

    Mace and Buckler
    Sir Vitus
    Bring Your best
    Single sword and 6ft. spear
    Single Sword
    Great Sword
    2 person spear
    3 person melee

Special rules, clarifications, etc...

Mace and buckler tourney: Bar maces are prohibited, your mace needs to look like a mace/club. Bucklers must be 18 inches in Diameter or under.

Sir Vitus: This is a weapon and shield tourney, with a modified counted blows format. 2 good blows to any 1 appendage or any combination of appendages counts as a kill. Good blows to the head, neck and body are the same as usual SCA combat conventions.

Bring your best: Use whatever tourney legal weapon/s you choose.

Single sword and 6 Ft. spear: Combatants will fight with a single handed sword and a 6ft spear.

Single sword: Single handed swords only, no great swords

Great sword: 2 handed swords 48-72 inches

2 person spear: 9 foot spears ONLY

3 person melee: Only 1 member of the Chivalry is allowed per team.
If you have any questions contact the Autocrat/MIC at: polearm1@gmail.com