[OUT] Corazon del Leon II & Queen’s Prize

Corazon del Leon  II (A Night in Moorish Spain), February 16, 2013
LaVeta 4-H Barn
750 Moore Street, La Veta CO 81055


Queen’s Prize
February 17, 2013
LaVeta High School  Gym
126 East Garland Street,  La Veta, CO 81055

Corazon del Leon Defender Tournament

Corazon del Leon will consist of a four part tournament and the overall winner must compete in three of the four events.

Queen’s Prize Tournament

Queen’s Prize Tournament is a celebration of beginning artisans in the Outlands.  While Her Majesty will chose an entry upon which to bestow Her Prize, the purpose of QPT is to share the joy of one’s art with others.  Entries will not be scored; comments will be available for those who wish feedback.

Anyone holding a rank lower than a Grant in the Arts or Sciences may enter.  Each entrant must be sponsored by either an individual who holds a Grant or higher in the Arts or a Lady of the Rose.

Please refer to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences page at kmoas.outlands.org for rules and regulations.

To register, please contact the Competition Coordinator at the email address below with the following information: Title of Entry, Entrant Name, Entrant Email, Sponsor’s Name, Sponsor’s Email.

Registration of entries will be due on or before February 8th, 2013.  Please submit research papers electronically to the Competition Coordinator no later than January 28th, 2013.

Queens Prize Competition Coordinator: Master Thorsinn Vandringsmann (email: Vandringsmann @ Gmail . com

Arts and Sciences:

Populace choice A&S competition.

Entrants will NOT be expected to sit their displays. Please mark your documentation clearly with your name!
Documentation: 3×5 card minimum, 3 page maximum.
Please provide a placemat, small tablecloth, or other boundary for your display and documentation as entries may be sharing tables.

Populace Activities & Contests

Tablescape competitions: Join the fun and help us make the feast hall more lovely and festive! There will be prizes for two themes:

Pride of Villaleon

Prize will be given for the best use of elements from Villaleon’s heraldry – lions; suns in splendor; the colors white, green, red, and purple – in any arrangement or combination.


Prize will be given for the best presentation evoking the time and place of the event theme: 13th century Al-Andalus.

Site Fee for Corazon del Leon:  $10.00 Adult/ $5.00 Children
Feast: $  10.00  Adults  $ 5.00    Children
Site Fee for  Queen’s Prize:  $10.00 Adult/5.00 Children
Site Fee both events :  $   15.00    Adults/  $7.00 Children
Daytrip Family Cap $30.00 – Weekend Family Cap $37.00