Now Open Pre-Reg for Estrella War A&S Competition 2013

Greetings from Master Raven Mayne, Kingdom of Atenveldt Minister of Arts and Sciences, Pre-registration for Estrella War A&S Competition 2013 is Now Open.

Pre-registrations must be received by Saturday 2 February 2013. Late pre-registrations will not be accepted, and entries brought to the Competition not pre-registered will be declined entry. Entrants are strongly encouraged to check on receipt of their pre-registration.

If you are planning on entering please do so at the following link.



An apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work.  A machine documented to pre 17th Century Western Europe that is fully functioning, standalone and does not need additional items for assistance.  Entries may be of any working scale and will need to be demonstrated at the Competition; detailed diagrams and list of parts will need to be included in Documentation.  Time needed to demonstrate will need to be included in pre-registration description.


An item of food available in pre-17th century Western Europe that has been pickled or preserved through the process of fermenting used in the same time frame. The food and the pickling/preserving process will need to be kept within the same time frame and regional area for each entry. All entries will include a list of ingredients and presented in a ready to be sampled format.

Working Class Clothing:

Clothing worn on a daily basis as a means of earning one's livelihood, including a minimum of 3 pieces of clothing that would be worn simultaneously by a person of the lower classes of pre 17th Century

Western Europe. Layers should be worn together as an ensemble, not including headwear/footwear or accompanying accessories. Documentation should also include a brief description of the types of work that could have been performed in this outfit.


Chest or box produced and decorated through use of fabrication and/or other woodworking techniques (i.e.: carving, inlay, marquetry, turning, etc.).

NEW THIS YEAR Youth Estrella War A&S Competition

ALL information on the General and Youth A&S Competition can be found here:

Also please let your choice be known for the Estrella War A&S categories by
voting in the Poll. Click on the link below or the one on the Kingdom A&S
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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at aten_minister At Yahoo Dot com or asmin AT Atenveldt DOT org

Thank you.

Always In Service,
Master Raven Mayne, OL
Kingdom of Atenveldt Minister of Arts and Sciences