[GLE] Fighter's Collegium

The Barony of Axemoor wishes to invite all the fighters and non-fighters alike to join us the weekend of February 23, 2013 for Fighter's Collegium.  The site for the event this year is Kings Arrow Ranch, 26 Kings Highway, Lumberton, MS or more fondly known as "The Gulf Wars Site". 

For the Fighters, the Sable Banner will be running a gauntlet of classes and for the more gentle peoples, there will also be a variety of classes to chose from. A fundraiser lunch will be provided and wonderful feast will be prepared by Her Excellency Brigida.
A flyer with further information will be posted later today and more detailed information pertaining to classes will be posted as they become available.  If anyone is interested in teaching classes for the more gentler populace, please contact our A&S officer Lady Johanna Merrington at ldbug27 at yahoo.com.