SCAdian loses home to fire in Vermont

Master Tearlach of the East Kingdom recently lost his home to a fire, and hopes that SCAdians around the Known World can help.

Master Tearlach and his family who live on Mud Mountain in VT have lost their home to a fire this morning (New Year's Day).

ALL ARE OK, but 1 pup is missing (the other three are accounted for and safe).

They are assessing their needs at this time, but there is one thing that they lost that you might be able to help replace.

Tearlach lost ALL of his photos that showcased his helmets, swords and knives. If you have anything that was made by his hand, they would be greatly appreciative if you could take photos from several angles and forward it along to them. If you have any questions please feel free to PM on here or you can PM them directly  at Tearlach's account  as well. They did manage to get one computer out of the house in time.

Video: Fire destroys home in Underhill.