Volunteers Needed at Estrella War XXIX

Lady Norah Rose Tenpenny, Volunteer Coordinator and Lady Eilina Elfski, Emergency Deputy Volunteer Coordinator for Estrella War XXIX, report that volunteers are needed for the upcoming War.

Ladies Norah and Eilina write:

Estrella War XXIX needs you!
So you say you want to be a Star.  Volunteers are the Stars of Estrella War!
Volunteering makes you feel good!
Volunteering is the best way to meet people from all over the known world and share in the camaraderie among old and new friends!
Volunteering can qualify you for some really wonderful prizes and a unique daily Volunteer token.  
Volunteering is what makes the magic happen; wouldn't you like to be part of that magic? Please let us know how you want to assist in making Estrella War XXIX the best war ever.  

Lady Norah Rose Tenpenny
Volunteer Coordinator
Estrella War XXIX

Lady Eilina Elfski
Emergency Deputy Volunteer Coordinator
Estrella War XXIX

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