[CAI] Talon Crescent Festival 2013

The Kingdom of Caid will host Talon Crescent Festival this first year over President's Day weekend on Saturday, February 16 and Sunday, February 17, 2013 in preparation for Talon Crescent Wars in 2014.

This first year will be a non-camping event. Come spend a weekend in the fair Barony of Starkhafn exchanging interests and building friendships old and new. In an oasis of trees and lakes, take the field in armored and rapier combat, unarmored lysts and archery, or enjoy classes in combat and Arts and Sciences during the day. Accommodations and fine dining are a short distance away - refresh and then explore the lights and entertainment of vibrant Las Vegas after hours.

We are looking for additional ideas of what you would like to see, sponsors for tournaments, melees and instructors for all weapons forms and classes in Arts and Sciences from both kingdoms. This is your opportunity to forge a common vision and create a weekend to share and exchange interests and 'cultural' similarities and differences in how each kingdom plays.

Talon Crescent Festival 2013

Event Stewards: Duke Patrick O'Malley and Lady Rhua Cat Ifrinn.

Date & Times:
February 16th - 17th, 9am-6pm both days.

Site fee:  $15, $5 additional non-member fee

Merchants:  If you are interested please send an email to

We have a sponsored Spear Tournament and would love to see more sponsored events!

VOLUNTEERS! We are looking for volunteers for gate and support crew. If you are interested in being part of putting on the event please email Duke Patrick or myself.

Current list of contacts coordinating classes and fighting:

Arts or Science classes or to host a meet-and-greet please contact: THL Hawkwod da Barbiano (Caid Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister) at: Arts@taloncrescentwars.org

Armored fighting classes, fighting, meet and greet: Duke Patrick O'Malley

Rapier fighting and classes, fighting, meet and greet: Lady Rhua Cat Ifrinn

Thrown Weapons: THL Cecilia Medici (Dep. Kingdom Marshall Thrown Weapons, Caid)

Youth Activities: THL Michelle Mazur(Artemisian Youth Minister) & THL Lady Suzanne Delaplaine

We are excited about all the energy and ideas that have been shared with us in planning this first Talon Crescent event and look forward to hearing from and working with everyone.