History Today offers best of 2012 free

In an attempt to lure in potential subscribers, History Today magazine has released a selection of its most popular stories from 2012 on its blog.

Among the stories available to read free-of-charge are:

Islam's Origins: Where Mystery Meets History

The same spotlight of historical enquiry that scholars have long been shedding on the biblical past is now starting to illumine the origins of Islam, as Tom Holland explains.

A Canterbury Tale

J.L. Laynesmith unravels one of the mysteries of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Error in URL

The "The Best of History Today in 2012" is missing a "w" in the URL - should be "www" rather than "ww"


I think my browser fixed it for me transparently, and I didn't notice! Thanks for the correction; I have updated the story URL.